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PressurePro™ Pulse TPMS+ Monitor: The latest and best in TPMS technology. The Pulse Monitor is capable of monitoring up to five vehicles and 80 wheel positions perfect for monitoring Truck and RV applications. Three different screen modes with intuitive operation guides users through the installation and programming with ease. Once again, PressurePro shows why they are the experts in Tire Pressure Monitoring.


Learn more about the Pulse TPMS+ Monitor here. PULSE TPMS+ Monitor


PressurePro Replacement Sensors on sale now for $39! Please refer to sensor replacement form for details. These are also the replacement sensors for the Hopkins nVISION system.
Check out our Replacement Sensor Program for new, updated Sensors!  Unlike other systems whose batteries only last 1 to 1 1/2 years, PressurePro batteries last 5-7 years. Replace  your old Sensors with brand new ones, with updated technology and new batteries for a discounted price.

                                     made in USA3

                       PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA!

PressurePro...the original, American made, TPMS product.

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Are you looking for a TPMS?

The PressurePro wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System could be the safest investment you ever make for your vehicles. It is also the most cost-effective product on the market. Save time and money while adding efficiency.

For recreational vehicles, towed vehicles, cars, trucks, tractor/trailers, heavy equipment, emergency and specialty vehicles, off road vehicles, motorcycles and more.

The system is a wireless electronic tire pressure monitoring system (“TPMS”) designed to read and display tire pressures. The dash-mounted Monitor can alert the operator to underinflated tires as well as high tire pressures, and displays both the actual tire pressure and temperature. Small tire Sensors replace the valve-stem caps and transmit wirelessly to the Monitor. And this TPMS is more reliable than the average tire gauge.

Whether moving or stationary, current tire pressures can be displayed on demand. The PressurePro System communicates (real time) via RS232  to a serial port for fleet applications, and now comes standard with data logging capabilities.

We will MEET OR BEAT any other advertised, authorized dealer/distributor prices. GUARANTEED!

Check out two of our most popular PressurePro Monitors!

  • TPMS that monitors 16 wheels

    For RV and/or Towed Vehicle

    • Monitors up to 16 Wheels
    • Receives wireless RF signals
    • Order Sensors separately
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  • TPMS that monitors 34 wheels

    For Trucks/5th Wheels

    • Monitors up to 34 Wheels
    • Receives wireless RF signals
    • Order Sensors separately
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Tire Sensors

Sensors for TPMS

Wireless Sensors

  • Replace the valve stem caps
  • Wireless transmitters send pressure information to the Receiver
Buy TPMS Sensors

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While there are less expensive TPMS products on the market today, none compare to PressurePro™ for the most cost effective, reliable, durable, and accurate product on the market. Tire pressure monitor systems improvement is a continuous and ongoing effort with PressurePro and as the only American manufacturer of TPMS, we can quickly react to market needs. PresurePro has proven time and time again to be the product that works.

Some other systems offer replacement batteries that can be replaced by the end user, but they usually only last 12-18 months, while our Sensor batteries last over five-seven years! Brand new Sensors with updated technology and new batteries are then available at a discounted price. And our Sensors do not leak like others, because they are totally sealed! Use them even on boat trailer tires that are submerged in water!


Also note that if you find monitoring systems and tire sensors that are selling for less than ours, they are probably selling old stock that may not be warranteed. Additionally, note that all of our Sensors are now “High-temp Sensors” which can also be used with even refuse trucks demanding high-heat applications due to constant stops and starts. We offer excellent customer service and stock only the latest versions which are warranteed.

Remember–you get what you pay for! We are the original tire pressure monitoring Distributor and have been selling this TPMS for over 16 years!

See what makes PressurePro the best wireless tire pressure monitor you can buy!

We are the worldwide leader in tire pressure monitoring systems. Why is PressurePro Your Best Choice?


This U.S. made TPMS is designed to display 24/7 real-time tire pressures and can alert to low as well as high tire pressure; it has also been tested to work under all types of conditions.

Reliability of the communication signal is the key to PressurePro™ systems.

A strong signal and sensitivity to the communication requires a unique engineering design to capture the signal under all types of conditions including outside electronic interference, weather and other vehicles.

As with cell phones, signal interference is always a possibility, but this monitoring system has been designed with repeated signals to ensure reliability.


The system has been tested in all types of weather conditions, and has been shocked/dropped tested to prove its durability.


The Pressure Pro Tire Sensors immediately transmit accurate low and also high-pressure readings and alerts when they occur.

When the Sensor’s automatically set trigger pressure set points are breached for either a -12 1/2% low, and again at -25% low; or at a +24% (variable) rise in tire pressure, the Monitor emits an audible alert, identifies the problem tire’s location via a flashing light, and shows the real-time pressure of the tire.

The Sensors accurately (usually within +/- 0.5 psi) assess the air pressure in each tire 12,343 times every day, and send an update to the Monitor 24/7!

No one knows monitoring systems for tires like L and S Safety Solutions. As the North American Distributor, we have more than 15 years experience in the TPMS business. Our dedication to safety, savings and peace of mind is our primary goal. If you’d like more information about this U.S. made system, contact us at L&S Safety Solutions, 800-521-6820  (928-660-8744).

 Made in the USA

Pressure Pro is proud to be the only TPMS product to be designed, developed and manufactured in the USA.

The product is Reliable, Durable, Accurate and Easy to self-install.

Easy to Install

The system is a high-tech, easily installed wireless tire pressure monitoring system which will give you added safety and economy while driving.

Simply screw the “smart” Sensors (trigger pressures are automatically established) on the valve stems and Velcro-mount the Monitor in the vicinity of the driver.

Monitor Each Tire

The Monitor shows the position and pressure for each tire while you are stationary or while driving down the road, and also offers Sensor signal strength diagnostics.

The Receiver displays each tire’s pressure and sends audible and visual alerts for low tire pressures, as well as for variable upper levels (to detect high temperature tires); a flashing red light shows the location of the problem tire.

Pressure Pro is the ultimate monitoring system to monitor your vehicle tires! Easy to self-install!

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We have dedicated more than 20 years to providing drivers with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems.

Our commitment to safety, savings and peace of mind, is the reason we are the U.S. Distributor for PressurePro™.

We are confident that our TPMS is the solution for you.

For additional information about our products or to become a Dealer, contact us at:

L&S Safety Solutions: 800-521-6820  (928-660-8744).

Have you checked your tires lately? This TPMS checks them 12,340 times each and every day!

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