PressurePro Tire Monitor Features

Tire Monitor Features

Two Modes:

  • Normal Mode – The PressurePro Tire Monitoring System Monitor is in Normal Mode when first powered up. Monitor is listening for Sensor updates and alerts in Normal Mode. Green light below the round “ON” or “SET” button flashes every 5 seconds when in Normal Mode. Tire pressures can be displayed by selecting a tire with “UP” or “DOWN” arrow.
  • Program Mode – Used for programming Sensors to the Monitor. (See “Installation Instructions” step #2) When in Program Mode, green light is solid, tire location selected is flashing and display shows 3 dashes (“- – -“). Non-programmed locations will flash when selected and will display “No Sen Sor” message. When a new Sensor is installed, a pressure value will display on Monitor.

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Tire Pressure Monitor

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