PressurePro Tire Pressure Sensors Pre-installation Instructions

When tire pressure Sensors are installed, they recognize that pressure as their BASELINE pressure. Therefore, the tire pressure at the time of installation is IMPORTANT! All tires MUST be inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended cold pressures while the tires are cold (best time is in the morning). The PressurePro™ tire Sensors must then be installed on the tires while they are still cold. Failure to install at this “cold” temperature may cause false alerts.

Tires and valve stems should be carefully inspected prior to installation of the system to ensure that they are in good condition. Defective valve stems must be replaced. The DILL VALVE (the small valve inside the valve stem) MUST DEPRESS FULLY AND RELEASE AIR FOR THE Sensor TO ACTIVATE. The Sensor will not activate properly if the dill valve is not at the proper length (a fairly common problem). A Dill Valve can be inserted too far into the valve stem preventing a release of air. The importance of a good valve stem can’t be overemphasized. It’s wise to replace valve stems with a quality stem replacement when installing PressurePro™ .

The Dill Valve should be centered (not off center) so it will not slip to one side when screwing down the Sensor. This does not allow the Dill Valve to properly open pressure to the Sensor. Check the Dill Valve by depressing it with the edge (end) of a thumbnail to make sure it releases air. At times, it may be necessary to clean the threads of the valve stem with a wire brush before installing the Sensor.

Do not install PressurePro™ Sensors on aluminum valve stems. Vehicles that have the factory installed TPMS use aluminum stems. PressurePro™ uses a brass thread. Brass and aluminum will chemically bond with exposure to salts and chemicals. Installing PressurePro™ on an aluminum stem can cause them to bond together. If using valve stem extensions, it is important to tighten extensions securely to valve stem. Always check the Dill Valves in extensions for proper air release.

After installing Sensors, check for leaks by coating the Sensor, extension and valve stem with a solution of 1 part liquid soap to 2 parts water – look for bubbles which indicate a leak.

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