PressurePro Sensor Alerts

Sensor Alerts

  • FIRST STAGE LOW PRESSURE ALERT – the PressurePro Sensor alerts at 12.5% pressure loss from initial pressure at installation. A first stage alert level will “beep,” and flash tire location, and display low pressure – once per second – until the low pressure is corrected or the round button is pressed putting Monitor in “reminder mode” or Monitor is unplugged. Pull over, inspect tire and repair. If no button is pressed to mute system – system will continue to alert.
  • SECOND STAGE LOW PRESSURE ALERT – (alerts at 25% pressure loss initial pressure at installation). A second stage alert level will “beep”, flash tire location and pressure value twice per second. If no button is pressed to mute system – system will alert until low pressure is corrected or for a total of 15 hours. Pull over and repair.
  • REMINDER MODE – To “mute” the audible alert, place into “reminder” mode by pressing the round (ON or SET) button briefly. Audible alert will sound periodically.
  • SIGNAL CHECK IN” FEATURE – A Patent Pending feature of the Pressure Pro system is the “check-in” feature. Sensors send short millisecond “check-in” signal bursts regularly. As with all RF devices, a signal may be lost or interrupted. If a signal is lost or interrupted, the Monitor will light that wheel location with a solid light – (there is no alert beep). If this type alert continues, it may indicate a Sensor has been removed, lost or damaged or a signal is not being received – check that Sensor’s location.
  • Multiple Low Pressure Alerts – In the unlikely event that multiple alerts occur, the Monitor will flash all low locations with low pressures. When selected, a tire location with an alert will flash its pressure and position while the alert sounds. (Non-selected low pressure tires will flash their wheel location every 2 seconds.)


1. Unplug the power cord from the Monitor (mini-USB connector).

2. While holding down the UP Arrow button, plug the power cord back into the Monitor and it will advance to the next alert level higher (new alert level will display on the screen).

3. Release the UP button.

4. If the Monitor displays the upper alert pressure you desire, setting the upper alert is completed. If it is not the upper alert you desire, repeat steps #1 and #2 until you see the desired alert level.

5. The high alert function can be turned OFF by repeating steps #1 and #2 after the 45% level is reached.

6. To turn the high alert function back ON, repeat steps #1 and #2 going to the 10% alert level which will display.

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