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Since 1992 – About L&S Safety Solutions, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems and TirePressureMonitor.com

The relationship between TirePressueMonitor.com and Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems was born over 20 years ago when the staff at L&S Safety Solutions to work on an invention that would produce a tire deflation alert system; now they’re referred to as tire pressure monitor systems or TPMS. In 1992, L&S Safety Solutions researched and started developing this idea and later joined teams with another company attempting to come up with a similar device called TireMate; L&S eventually joined them as their exclusive North American Distributor with a website titled TirePressureMonitor.com.

The “pioneering” TireMate system was further researched and developed by that company, resulting in the latest superior, hi-tech generation of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (“TPMS”)–the current patented PressurePro™.

New Wireless Technology!

In early 2002, PressurePro was introduced to the RV community. The PressurePro™ system is small, easily installed, reliable and affordable. We are proud to offer this new technology which is now available for the trucking industry as well.

North American Distributor for PressurePro™

L&S Safety Solutions is the first and primary North American Distributor for PressurePro™, the latest generation of tire pressure Monitoring systems.

Through our network of dealers, we are committed to keeping Pressure Pro™ readily available for prospective buyers.


Duane Sprague, Retired President of L&S Safety Solutions, still directs and distributes PressurePro™ as a dealer for L&S Safety Solutions. Duane lends his over 25 years of expertise in engineering, marketing, sales and distribution to providing the best tire pressure monitoring system available today.

Recently, the ownership has passed to Stephen Berry, who will use his national and international sales and product management experience to further develop the market for L&S Safety Solutions.

Trusted TPMS Products

About L&S Safety Solutions: “L&S” (TirePressureMonitor.com) is committed to providing trusted reliable products.

The Pressure Pro™ wireless tire pressure monitoring system will save fuel, extend the life of your tires, cut downtime, and make road traveling safer and uncompromised. L&S is committed to selling quality products and providing excellent service for our customers.

Customer Service

Exceptional, friendly, Customer Service is provided to all owners of PressurePro™. L&S Safety Solutions firmly believes in the concept of going “above and beyond” with every customer.

Mission Statement

In business for over 20 years, L&S Safety Solutions is the leading tire pressure monitoring system distributor in the USA. L&S is committed to providing a reliable, durable, accurate, simple to install and easy to use TPMS product (PressurePro) that is trusted by customers, ensuring greater safety and savings for its users. Contributing to society and the environment is another prime focus by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and Carbon Monoxide pollutants caused by improperly inflated tires.

L&S safety Solutions is made up of talented individuals who believe in our mission and have a strong commitment to our customers. Pressure Pro is also committed to a strong development program providing strategic and quality products at competitive pricing, increasing value for customers.

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Tire Pressure Monitor

The World’s BEST Aftermarket TPMS!

PressurePro Systems are THE MOST reliable, robust, accurate, versatile and cost effective TPMS products in the market! Don’t let your travels fall flat. Let PressurePro save the day and also save you time and money!

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