PressurePro Benefits and Facts

“Substantial numbers of deaths and injuries could be prevented each year if all vehicles were equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system.”

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Avoid Dangerous Tire Conditions; Save Money!

PressurePro™, the high-tech wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System, is the finest on the market today and proudly MADE in the USA!

It is our primary interest to provide the RV/Truck community access to the most affordable, accurate and reliable tire pressure Monitoring system currently available.

PressurePro™ Keeps You Safe

  • Use PressurePro™ to easily check your tires for proper inflation, which prevents dangerous conditions that can lead to accidents.
  • PressurePro gives you peace of mind on the road; provides immediate alerts when tire air pressure is too high or too low.
  • Displays a temperature measurement from the Sensor when requested.
  • The system can allow drivers to instantly respond to an audible beep and a visual alert emitted by the dashboard Monitor, when tire pressure falls to dangerous levels.
  • Are your tires properly inflated? Check your tire pressure by simply pressing a button–even while driving down the road!
  • PressurePro™ greatly improves your ability to react to sudden tire air pressure loss. The low pressure alert is immediately displayed on your dashboard Monitor, and indicates the failing tire’s pressure, possibly even averting a blow-out due to the earling warning.
  • If a tire is underinflated, it will flex, and there will be internal heat buildup. And if a tire is hot, it becomes more susceptible to separation problems, cuts and other types of damage. Appreciate added PressurePro Benefits which can help you avoid these types of situations.
  • The system provides greater driving confidence and peace of mind knowing that your tires are properly inflated for optimum performance and handling. PressurePro™ displays current tire pressures for up to 64 tires.
  • Tire air pressure is constantly monitored and displayed, while moving or parked.
  • Increases useful tire life; be informed of tire under and over-inflation.
  • PressurePro has a triple threshold of low tire pressure signals as set by the user.
  • Experience greater stability, handling and braking with properly inflated tires.
  • Each year 80,000 accidents are attributed to low tire pressure.
  • Tires with low air pressures skid and hydroplane more easily.

PressurePro™ Saves You Money!

More Benefits:

  • Properly inflated tires last longer. The life of your tire is extended due to less tread wear.
  • PressurePro™ requires no costly installation, installs in minutes with no tools.
  • The Monitor can easily be relocated from the primary to the towed vehicle, or any other vehicle!
  • Properly inflated tires save fuel.
  • Proper inflation protects and saves the tire casing, reducing the chance of blowouts.
  • Properly inflated tires extend the life of tire treads by as much as 35%.
  • Reduces chance of blowouts and “zipper rips” by maintaining proper pressure in the tires.
  • Properly inflated and maintained tires save costly roadside repairs and down time.
  • Maintenance is a breeze. In 5-7 years, you may need to replace the old Sensors with new Sensors with new batteries (at a reduced replacement cost). You don’t have to find a tire dealer who handles big tires to remove the tire, break it down, replace the Sensor, reassemble the tire, balance it, and remount it on your vehicle as other systems require. Save time and money with PressurePro!
  • Batteries typically last 5-7 years! And you get not only new batteries, but a brand new, updated technology Sensor! (Other systems need to have batteries replaced every year or two, and you don’t get new Sensors.)


PressurePro is environmentally friendly, conserving our precious natural resources. Go Green!

  • Longer tire wear due to proper inflation management
  • Increased fuel savings due to properly inflated tires
  • Fewer retread casings/blowouts/road debris
  • Reduced rubber particulates affecting air quality
  • More even tread wear due to proper inflation
  • Lower insurance costs (vehicle will have less blowouts and zipper rips which cause accidents, property and vehicle damage)
  • Get better vehicle handling, stability and braking

The Department of Transportation estimates that over 5 million gallons of fuel per day (over 2 billion gallons of fuel per year) are wasted due to under-inflated tires.

It has been estimated by the Department of Transportation that properly inflated tires could eliminate 250 lbs. of greenhouse gas emissions per vehicle per year! That’s more than 57 1/2 billion lbs. of Carbon Monoxide pollutants every year!

Enjoy longer tire wear by having properly inflated tires, decreasing the risk of tire disintegration, ply separation and casing breakdowns!

No other system is more flexible, durable, accurate or easier on your pocketbook! And it’s developed and manufactured in the USA!

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Tire Pressure Monitor

The World’s BEST Aftermarket TPMS!

PressurePro Systems are THE MOST reliable, robust, accurate, versatile and cost effective TPMS products in the market! Don’t let your travels fall flat. Let PressurePro save the day and also save you time and money!

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