New Improvements

PressurePro has added several new improvements to their current product line, and has introduced new products to their Truck line also. Notably, the addition of RS232 communications as well as an upper pressure alert on all Monitors is now a standard feature. The upper alert is variable; it is set at the factory to alert at 24% high, but can be manually set at various settings from 10% to 45% under/over the set point. There are also two lower alerts: one at 12.5% and a second alert at 25% below the initial set point. All Monitors with RS232 capability can also display temperature when used with a tire management software program.

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Updated RS232 Truck Monitor

A recent Product Update was published announcing the RS232 Truck Monitor which is a communication pathway between electronic products. PressurePro truck Monitors can now be ordered with updated RS232 communication capabilities. RS232 allows TPMS to be monitored and fed, via RS232 through a GPS type “box” in the vehicle, to an office or remote site. The Monitor can also read directly to a PDA or laptop storing the information or to a tire management system. The system provides an alert if Sensors are removed from the vehicle or if a tire is removed and taken from the vehicle.

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2008 SEMA Show

Last week we attended Automotive Aftermarket Week (SEMA) in Las Vegas, Nevada.  As an exhibitor, we displayed PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems to interested parties (car owners as well as RVers and Truckers/Fleet Owners).  The Las Vegas Convention Center is so huge, it is actually over-whelming, and requires several days to cover and see all of the exhibitor booths, encompassing two levels of the enormous building (several blocks long by several blocks deep in size with overpasses spanning the streets).  The array of automobiles and accessories was awesome!

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Easy Install

L&S Safety Solutions’ PressurePro is an easy install; we installed it on our RV and trailer in about 15 minutes. The wireless Sensors replace the valve stem caps, and the Monitor can be mounted in the dash area via the included Velcro strips. However, we chose to not even use the Velcro and simply put the Monitor to the left of the driver on the Allison key pad. Then I can pick it up anytime when I want to check the tires while driving, or my wife will also pick it up to check the tire pressures. The Monitor is powered via a cigarette lighter plug, but it can also be alternately hard wired.

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$6k Savings on BIG Dump Trucks!

There is the compound problem of downtime

Sand and Gravel Company saves $6,000 per month with a single $6,500 investment!

When the tires on your vehicle cost approximately $6,000 each, you become very sensitive to proper tire care. Still, with good inspection procedures, Elmore Sand and Gravel near Montgomery, Alabama was averaging replacing a tire per month on a fleet of eight heavy dump trucks – not because of tire wear but because of improper inflation!

It takes a BIG dump truck to efficiently move sand and gravel. This stuff is heavy! Elmore Sand and Gravel (ES&G) uses the Komatsu HM-350, a rolling behemoth with a 25.9 cubic yard, 35 ton capacity. It’s not the fastest thing on six wheels with a top speed of just over 35 mph, so wear and tear because of speed is not a factor. The problem is WEIGHT! With a gross weight of almost 140,000 pounds for off road use, proper tire maintenance isn’t an option. It is an absolute necessity!

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