PressurePro TPMS Features and Specifications

PressurePro TPMS Features and Specifications

TPMS Features

PressurePro TPMS

1.  Made in the USA Designed/Developed/Manufactured in the USA
2.  Cost of 10 and 16 Wheel Tire System 10-wheel system = $680 and 16-wheel (RV) system = $685 MSRP
3.  Misc. Like-Type Accessories Included Yes: Hard Wire, Lock Nut Kit & Dash Mount w/Monitor & 4 Sensors Order
4.  Approx. Time to Install a 10-wheel System   15-20 min.; Simple installation
5.  Monitor Size 6.5”W x 3”H x 0.5”D
6.  Sensor Size   1.11”D x 1.01”H
7.  Monitor Weight 3.7 oz.
8.  Sensor Weight   .66 oz. – Lightest in the Industry – (no required wheel balancing)
9.  Sensor Transmit Range 300 ft. – Operating at 433.92MHz
10. Sensor Pressure Range 8 to 300 PSI
11. Sensor Reference/Baseline Tire Pressure   Automatically programs
12.Sensor Signal Strength Diagnosis & Temperature   Monitor displays Sensor signal strength and temperatures
13. Sensor Locks – Security Optional – One locking nut per Sensor and a “Patent Pending” Wrench
14. Low Voltage Battery Alert   Yes – Monitor displays tire and Sensor with a low battery
15. Number of Tire Monitoring Positions Depends on Monitor. Can monitor from 1 to 64 wheel positions
16. Direct or Indirect System Direct – measuring current pressure and temperature of the tire
17. Alternate Vehicle Utilization   Easily transferred – no reprogramming
18. Sensor Tire Temperature Range   Yes, approx. 20 degree C increments
19. Can Change High Temp. Alert Trigger Pressures Yes. Upper alerts changeable @: 10, 15, 19, 24, 28, 33, 40, & 45 %
20. Procedure for Checking Tire Pressures Press UP or DOWN Arrows to rotate thru tires and view current pressures
21. Deflation/Low Pressure Alert Levels -12.5% & -25% below cold running reference/baseline tire pressure
22. High Pressure Temp. Alert Levels Yes–adjustable to customer needs: On/Off & 10,15,19,24,28,33,40, & 45%
23. Sensor Update Interval Checks pressures every 7 sec. / Updates monitor display every 5 minutes
24. Alarm History Record Yes
25. Monitor Status Green light = Powered – On
26. Battery Life 5-7 years +/- for Sensor battery life
27. Monitoring Time   24/7 – Monitors & alerts while parked or moving 24 hours a day
28. Warranty One Year
29. Proven Satisfactory Record   18 years experience, strong track record for quality, reliability, and service
30. Sensor signal sent at a faster rate   PressurePro Sensor signals are sent in 5 milliseconds (vs.) 30 to 40 milliseconds for others, which means PressurePro provides a strong, concentrated signal for better, more reliable reception even at high speeds.
Installation is quick and easy – operation is simple – high durability – accuracy of (+/-) 5%. The “Original” TPMS system.


Sensor Transmit Range  Approx. 250 feet (Line-of-Sight)
Operating Frequency 433.92 MHz FM
Operating Temperature Range -30°C to +85°C
Sensor Weight 2/3 oz. or 18.9 grams
Sensor Dimensions 1.01″ H x 1.11″ Dia.
Sensor Batteries Internal, non-rechargeable; last 5+/- Years**
Sensor Pressure Range 8 to 300 psi
68 to 999 kPa
1 to 13.7 BAR
(+/- 5% range)
Sensor Low Voltage Shutdown 2.2 Volts
** Can trade in old Sensors for new, updated technology Sensors with new batteries for a lesser price than new ones. View the Battery Exchange Sensors Form MONITOR
Monitor Power Requirements 12V DC; typically draws 25 mA in standby; less than 150mA with LED’s on.
Monitor Dimensions 6.5” W x 3.0” H x 0.5” D
Monitor Weight 4 oz.
Monitor Power Cord Plug Type USB Mini B – 10 ft.
Monitor Tire Positions Various Monitors for different vehicles – read 1 to 64 wheel positions
Sensor Alarm Trigger Settings Low Pressure – 12.5% and 25% below the original tire inflation level
High Pressure – Variable levels set by user – set at 24% high alert from factory
J1708 Capabilities PressurePro Intelligent Truck
RS232 Capabilities Monitors communication capabilities.

PressurePro systems comply with Part 15,

Class B of the FCC Rules.


US Letter Patent # 6,453,737

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Tire Pressure Monitor

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