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L&S Safety Solutions has the BEST Pressurepro TPMS Pricing!!

16 Wheel Tire Pressure Monitor Systems for use with RVs, Towed Vehicles, 5th Wheels/Trailers, Buses

Capable of reading primary vehicle and tow vehicles; Monitors 1 to 16 wheel positions. Actual tire pressure is displayed in the red rectangular box.

PressurePro™ Tire Pressure Monitor: Press a button to check each tire’s air pressure. Can alert you to low tire pressure; shows the problem tire location and current pressure.

Includes one 12 volt lighter accessory power cord and one  antenna. For alternate or additional options, click on the “Accessories” button below.

FREE! With each ordered system you also receive:

  • Monitor
  • Antenna
  • 12v Cigarette Lighter Cord
  • 4-12 Tire Sensors (Depending on Selection)
  • Plus Free Shipping

Note: May need an Echo Repeater for RVs over 38′ with the 16 Wheel monitor OR a Cabled Antenna Kit for RVs over 38′ with the Pulse monitor and/or tractor/trailers for optimized reception.

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