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10 Wheel TPMS



Tire Pressure Monitoring System for use with Auto, SUV, Heavy Equipment, Agriculture, Buses, Trucks

Includes one 12 volt lighter accessory power cord and one 2.5″ monopole antenna. For alternate or additional options, click on the “Accessories” button below.

PressurePro™ Monitor: Press a button to check each tire’s air pressure. Actual tire pressure is displayed in the red rectangular box. Can alert you to low as well as high tire pressures; shows the problem tire location and current pressure.

FREE SHIPPING with purchase of 4 or more sensors.

  • Common uses include Autos, SUVs, Heavy Equipment, Ag, Bus, Truck, Off Road (mining). NOTE: ORDER 16 WHEEL  MONITOR FOR RV APPLICATIONS.
  • Monitors 1 to 10 wheel positions
  • Monitor Velcro mounting strips included (Alternate mounting methods available – See “Accessories“)
  • Data logging capabilities  (approximately 60 days)
  • Data Logger management software on request – (RS232 data cord required)
  • Communicates real-time pressures via RS232 to a serial port (usually used for fleet applications)
  • Low pressure alerts at 12.5% and then 25% below cold-running/reference baseline pressure
  • Adjustable high pressure alerts from 10% to 45% above Sensor’s baseline reference pressure to reflect degrees of high tire temperatures (default upper alert set at 24% high). Tire pressures are linearly and directly related to tire temperatures.
  • High temperature display and alert at 210 degrees F (100 C)
  • Self-diagnostics capability to measure signal strength/interference levels in vehicle
  • Optional power cords:  Stripped end/Hard wire power cord; 24/12V DC Fixed end; 48V DC cord; AC/DC Plug-in Kit 110-120V (See Accessories)
  • Cabled Antenna Kit recommended for Tractors


  • Does not include PressurePro Tire Pressure Sensors- Order Separately
  • For Off-Road vehicles (mining/excavating), order PressurePro Large Bore Industrial Sensors – Order Separately

Power: 12V DC; draws 25 mA in standby
Power Cord Plug Type: USB Mini B
Dimensions: 6.5″W x 3.0″H x 0.5″D
Frequency: 433.92 MHz FM
Pressure display: PSI, Bar, or kPa
Approximate Operating Range:
Line of sight or 199 ft.
Monitor Weight: 4 oz
Sensor Weight: 2/3 oz