16 Wheel TPMS

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System for use with RVs, Towed Vehicles, 5th Wheels/Trailers, Buses

Includes one 12 volt lighter accessory power cord and one 2.5″ monopole antenna. For alternate or additional options, click on the “Accessories” button below.

PressurePro™ RV Tire Pressure Monitor: Press a button to check each tire’s air pressure. Can alert you to low tire pressure; shows the problem tire location and current pressure. Actual tire pressure is displayed in the red rectangular box. Includes 3 1/2″ antenna and cigarette lighter power cord.

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  • Common uses include RVs, Busses, 5th Wheels, Trailers (boat, snowmobile, etc.)
  • Monitors 1 to 16 wheel positions
  • Capable of reading primary and tow vehicles
  • The “F/B” button allows you to choose to monitor just the front (RV) or the back vehicle (car/trailer) or both together
  • Monitor Velcro mounting strips included (Alternate mounting methods available – See “Accessories“)
  • Data logging capabilities (approximately 60 days)
  • Data Logger management software on request – (RS232 data cord required)
  • Communicates real-time pressures via RS232 to a serial port (usually used for fleet applications)
  • Low pressure alerts at 12.5% and then 25% below cold-running/reference baseline pressure
  • Adjustable high pressure alerts from 10% to 45% above Sensor’s baseline reference pressure to reflect degrees of high tire temperatures (default upper alert set at 24% high). Tire pressures are linearly and directly related to tire temperatures.
  • High temperature display and alert at 200 degrees F (100 C)
  • Self-diagnostics capability to measure signal strength/interference levels in vehicle
  • Order the Echo Repeater for RVs over 38′ on the Echo Repeater page OR order the Cabled Antenna Kit for all 5th wheels and tractor/trailers on the Accessories page
  • Optional power cords:  Stripped end/Hard wire power cord; 24/12V DC Fixed end; 48V DC cord; AC/DC Plug-in Kit 110-120V (See Accessories)
  • Does not include tire Sensors – Click Here >>

Power: 12V DC; draws 25 mA in standby
Power Cord Plug Type: USB Mini B
Dimensions: 6.5″W x 3.0″H x 0.5″D
Frequency: 433.92 MHz FM
Pressure display: PSI, Bar, or kPa
Approximate Operating Range:
Line of sight or 199 ft.
Monitor Weight:  4 oz
Sensor Weight:   2/3 oz