Echo Repeater

$95.00 $85.00


Use the Echo Repeater as a Signal Booster on Vehicles over 38′.

An alternate to the “Extended Antenna Kit” for improved Monitor receptions by amplifying and transmitting Sensor signals via RF to the Monitor at a stronger 12v instead of the Sensor’s 3v.

Use the Pressure Pro Echo Repeater anywhere there is 12v access, i.e. in the motor home rear bedroom. (Do NOT put behind a closet mirror), or it can also be put in the towed vehicle by mounting on the visor clip via included Velcro.

  • Includes 12v Power Cord and telescoping Dipole Antennae
  • Velcro strips for mounting in vehicle included
  • 110 Wall plug-in sold separately if used in lieu of 12v cord
  • For use as a signal booster on mid to large vehicles towing a car/trailer

Note: Can be returned for a full refund if reception is adequate without it!