Pulse TPMS Monitor


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Part #PPMA / PLS-100 PressurePro™ Pulse TPMS+ Monitor: The latest and best in TPMS technology. The Pulse Monitor is capable of monitoring up to five vehicles and 80 wheel positions perfect for monitoring Truck and RV applications. Three different screen modes with intuitive operation guides users through the installation and programming with ease. Once again, PressurePro shows why they are the experts in Tire Pressure Monitoring. Must order antenna and power cord separately. FREE! With each system (to qualify you must purchase a Monitor & at least four Sensors) you get a Dash-top mounting bracket, and a free Lock Nut Kit
  • Monitors 1 to 80 wheel positions and 5 stored vehicles.
  • All new, easy to read display.
  • Real time pressure and temperature readings
  • Fully configurable vehicle layouts.
  • Multiple display types such as unit, axle and tire.
  • Data logging with SD Card capability.
  • Does not include antenna and power cord

Power: 12V or 24 V DC
Power Cord Plug Type: 6 pin
Dimensions: 4.5W x 3H x 1D
Frequency: 433.92 MHz FM
Pressure display: PSI, Bar, or kPa
Approximate Operating Range: Line of sight
Also need to order:
(1) Required: Tire Sensors, one for each tire to be monitored.
(2) Required:  Antenna – Either (1) a Dipole Antenna, or for more optimal reception P/N ADPMA, (2) an Extended Cabled Antenna Kit, for use especially with tractor/trailers
(3) Required:  Power Cord – 6 Pin power cord with cigarette adapter, P/N ABPC20
Optional Items: (1) Cigarette Lighter Plug (and/or (2) Echo Repeater, instead of the Extended Cabled Kit, to boost the signal for trucks pulling trailers.