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I purchased your tire pressure monitor system for our 5th wheel just prior to going on vacation. The system saved us from a tire faulure in the middle of nowhere! We stopped for fuel, and as we were leaving the station, the tire alarm sounded, indicating that the right front tire on the trailer was losing air. We were able to find a tire store in town and get it replaced (the cord body had separated and bulged). It’s great peace of mind knowing that all your tires are inflated properly and that the system will warn you when there is an abnormality.

Ron T, California

Last month, on my way to Tennessee with my truck and horse trailer, my wireless tire pressure pro alarm went off for my left front truck tire. Sure enough, I had rolled over a roofing screw and the tire was leaking air slowly. I drove straight to a tire repair place and was able to have the tire repaired while my horse lounged in the trailer. Most tire shop workers don’t see horses often, so all the cell phone cameras were out snapping away. What a HAM. As I drove away, I thought, “Man, that TPMS just paid for itself.” I would never had known my tire was leaking and probably would have had a blow out on a steering truck tire, even if I had checked the tire pressures at the start of the trip.

Then, last week on my trip home from Brown County, I was zooming along the highway in a construction zone when the TPMS alarm went off again, this time the rear driver’s side horse trailer tire. Well, what do you know, I drove over something that caused a nice sized hole in the tire. I was able to pull over to a safe place before the pressure in the tire dipped below 60 pounds, saving the tire and who knows what else if that tire had blown.

Thanks for a great product.

Tom P

My wife and I just returned from an RV caravan to Alaska. The road was extremely bumpy and washboardy.

My Pressure Pro alarm went off, indicating that the rear outer tire was going flat. I stopped and tried to pump up the tire, but it kept leaking. Then I discovered that my valve extender was loose. We tightened the extender, pumped up the tire, and were on our way. Your product saved us from a potential disaster on an extremely desolate road which is only open during the summer.

I have recovered my cost for PressurePro™ , and much more already. My RV will never be without your product. I also let the rest of the caravan know our story–hope you receive some sales from it!

Bruce M., Washington

I’m very grateful for my PressurePro™ TPMS!

We had a sudden blow out on a rear dual tire this summer. Because of PressurePro™ , I was able to prove that it was not because of under inflation (in other words, not my fault) and therefore the manufacturer replaced the tire (at a prorated cost).

I’m certain that had it not been for PressurePro™, there would have been an attempt by the manufacturer to put the blame on under-inflation, and therefore on me. When I explained that I check the actual pressure every morning and that this tire was fine when I checked it, and that the Monitor was still working (checked it on the replacement tire) they didn’t have a leg to stand on.

Rod A., Montana

I wanted to let you know I received my Monitor and Sensors and they work great. In fact, I’ve had 2 tires go bad in the last 2 weeks and the PressurePro™ caught them both before they went flat and caused an accident and/or damage.

The system has paid for itself already. Thanks for everything, you’re a great company to work with.

Doug M. Livingston, TX

Well, I’m happy to report after our trip to Alaska and back home of over 10,000 miles, everything performed perfectly.

In the mornings, I’m able to read the tire pressures without having to move. Having the system on gives me peace of mind like you all said it would and I like being able to check tire pressures to assure all tires are approximately the same pressures for better handling and fuel mileage.

You all provide great service and are terrific to work with. Keep up the good work.

Gaylon B. Houston, TX

The new system is bulletproof!! What a joy. I am delighted with the system and tell everyone they need one too to protect their love ones. Thanks for all the great service after sale.

Mike D. Long Beach, CA

The system with the optional antenna worked flawlessly again on our trip today. Clearly the antenna was needed in our case to pick up the towed car, given the length of the coach (42′).

It’s my opinion that understanding the integrity of my car tires while being towed is the greatest benefit of your system. Surely, knowing what the coach is doing is important, but I have no mechanical feedback from the car while I’m driving. Should a tire blow or lose pressure, I would not know until substantial damage has been done.

The system monitors all my tires, including the car tires, and I can relax much more. One less worry while driving. Congratulations on developing such a good product.

Roy S. Brandon, FL

Made our first real trip with new PressurePro™ approximately 800 miles. Everything worked fine, with the control mounted antenna. It is a real pleasure to be able to check pressure before you start on a trip from the driver’s seat.

Thanks for a nice, very useful product. I will recommend it to all my friends.

Wesley B. Middleburg, VA

This past week-end was the 1st opportunity I have had a chance to use it and it worked perfectly! Put me in the HAPPY CAMPER column.

Gerald W. Temple, TX

I just thought I would let you know that the newest PressurePro™ hardware worked flawlessly on our trip to Colorado.

David T. Allen, TX

Several Years ago we purchased a PressurePro system from you and have used it every mile we have towed our trailer.

In June 2009, we were traveling in Nebraska when the Monitor started beeping, warning that the left front tire of our Airstream trailer was low (54 lbs.). Since it started with 65 lbs., we knew there was a problem. I immediately pulled over to the right shoulder and drove to the next exit. After stopping, I saw a separation on the tread of the tire about 14 inches long. We called to have it changed with the spare; the damaged tire then had 39 lbs. of pressure. We replaced the tire and traveled on with only a 4 hour total delay instead of days in the repair shop, not to mention the inconvenience and additional cost.

There is no doubt in the world we would have had extensive trailer damage if the tire had started flapping around in the wheel well. I cannot see the tire from the driver seat of our truck, and would have never known about the trouble until it was too late.

I cannot say enough for the PressurePro system. The insurance deductible, the problems, and inconvenience of getting repairs would far exceed twice the price of the PressurePro. Now I can speak from experience; it works and it did save us a lot of money and time.

Jack C

After eight years of use (even though the PressurePro Sensors were projected to last about 5 years) I have been amazingly impressed with my PressurePro TPMS. I continually recommend you and PressurePro to EVERY RVer I see who doesn’t have Sensors on their wheels. They make RVing feel more sane; I can’t imagine driving a mile without them.

Bill G

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