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“Heat build-up is the single greatest cause of tire problems. Low inflation pressure is the biggest cause of heat build-up that destroys tires.”

Goodyear Tire

Over 20 Years in the RV/Trucking Marketplace:

L&S Safety Solutions

The wireless tire pressure and temperature detecting system is here! Why buy from us?

  • L&S Safety Solutions sells/specializes in  PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitor Systems TPMS products!
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  • We offer 30-day money-back guarantee (see Warranty and Return conditions)!
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  • We pay Ground shipping costs in the U.S. for orders over $200 except for Replacement Sensors!
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  • We have been selling to the RV & trucking industries for over 20 years!
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  • Proud to be the Only TPMS Product Designed, Developed and Manufactured in the USA!

PressurePro, sold through L&S Safety Solutions, offers continuous in-cab or remote tire pressure monitoring for Fleets, Tractor Trailers, RVs, Autos, Motorcycles, and Heavy Equipment. 

checkmark2Add Fuel Efficiency
checkmark2Improve Tread Life
checkmark2Enhance Performance
checkmark2Increase Driver Safety
checkmark2Boost Stability and Handling
checkmark2And Drive Green!


Advantages of TPMS

  • Properly inflated tires predictable increase overall fuel economy.
  • Overall tire life can be substantially extended by monitoring tire pressure in real time. A 20% under-inflated tire reduces tread life by approximately 25%.
  • Significantly extends the life of the casing. Tires that are under-inflated by 20% lose approximately 30% of the life of the casing.
  • Overall safety of the vehicle is increased by detecting overheated, under-inflated, over-inflated and slow leaking tires.
  • Overall liability exposure for property damage, workers’ compensation and insurance cost increases from tire blow-outs and tire separation is reduced.
  • Helps to prevent late deliveries from unforeseen tire mishaps due to early detection.
  • Provides the means to help compare various manufacturers’ overall tire performance (tread wear, retreads, etc.) as it relates to tire expense by brand.
  • Aides in tire benchmarking by collecting, comparing and statistically analyzing tire data. Tire temperature versus tire pressure levels over time by vehicle type, vehicle weight and tire position can be documented, leading to improved performance against predetermined benchmarks.

Important Note: PressurePro TPMS has been on the market longer than any of the other tire pressure monitoring systems in today’s marketplace!

PressurePro – The original tire pressure monitoring system, and proud to be manufactured in the USA!

We will Meet Or Beat any other advertised Or
authorized dealer/Distributors prices.

Tire Pressure Monitor

The World’s BEST Aftermarket TPMS!

PressurePro Systems are THE MOST reliable, robust, accurate, versatile and cost effective TPMS products in the market! Don’t let your travels fall flat. Let PressurePro save the day and also save you time and money!

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